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TrackMyFast 5:2 Diet

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Whether your following the 5:2, Johnson Up Day Down Day (JUDDD) or an alternate day fasting diet TrackMyFast will help you stay on track and keep you motivated during your fasting diet, increasing your chances of success.It includes some great features to keep you on top of your diet, including:
* Food Diary *Scan the barcode or search the food database to record the food you eat. TrackMyFast will calculate the total calories eaten on each day and advise you of how many calories you have remaining for each fast day.
* Recipe sharing *Create and share recipes with other users. Select recipes and add them to your Food Diary. Comment on other people's recipes.
* 5:2 Diet Widget *Includes a Widget that you can place on your home screen. The widget tells you if you're on a fast day, how many calories you have remaining and a count down timer to the end of the fast day.
* Flexible Fasting Patterns *Define fasting patterns that repeat every week, two weeks or alternate fast/non fast days. You can create new patterns at any time as your diet progresses.
* Diet Status *Instantly view the status of your diet, including the day type (fast/non fast day) and the amount of weight lost/to lose.
* Measurements *Record key measurements including weight, waist, neck, body fat, well being, hunger and cholesterol (HDL, LDL & Triglyceride).
* Calendar *Provides you with a monthly calendar view showing you your fast days and your weight on those days, enabling you to plan ahead. If your actual fast days are different from your plan then you can simply click on a calendar day to change it. Change it to a fast, non fast or intermediate day at the click of a button!
* Chart *Plot any of your measurements to give you a clear graphical view of your progress towards your target weight.
* Daily Status Reminders *A daily status reminder tells you if you're on a fast day, how much weight you have to lose and how many days into your diet you are.
* Help *An on-line help guide for the application is included.
Download TrackMyFast now and keep your fasting diet on track!
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